Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I did not need much from Publix this week, but I did pick up a few things that were on sale. I got a few really good buys. I bought:
2 Hunts Ketchup (35 oz)
3 Yoplait GoGurts 8pks
3 Cole's Bread
1 Tyson Skillet Meal
1 Rold Gold Pretzels
Total before savings was 30.95
Total spent was 9.60.
Total saved was 21.35.


I had a pretty good trip to Bi-Lo this week. They had god meal deal going and I needed to pick up a few more thngs. This is what I bought.
2 Banquet Chicken Bags
8 cans Chef Boyardee
1 Uncle Ben's Rice
2 Wise chips (large bags)
1 2lb bag french fries
1 6pc corn on the cob
1 6pk Pepsis
3 Hamburger Helper
2 Van Camp Pork & Beans
2 Del Monte Fruit Chillers
1 Hunts Ketchup
1 loaf bread
Total before savings was 53.07
Total spent was 20.60.
Total saved was 32.47


I decided to add Ingles to my shopping trip this week, because they have a great price on Duke's Mayo at 1.88 and they do double 50¢ coupons. However, their policy is very tricky. They will only double 3 coupons for every $10 that you purchase. But they also had an awesome deal on GM cereal so I knew that I would be spending at least $10. I actually went back a second time to pick up some more mayo and a few other things that were good deals.
I bought everything that you see in this picture for...


My shopping trip to CVS this week cost a little more than usual. This was mainly because the Nivea coupons are evidently coded not to work together. So I could not use my BOGO coupon. So instead I used another $4 coupon. Using 2 cards I bought :
4 Aussie Hair Care
3 Nivea Body Washes
2 Glade Sense & Spray
1 Renuzits Cryatals
2 Blade Razors
1 Lady Speed Stick
I used 32.97 in ECBs
I paid 94¢ plus tax!
and got back 29.98 in ECBs.
Total cost of trip was 7.63 including 3.72 for tax.
That's not so bad.

Friday, May 14, 2010


My weekly trip to CVS was a quicker one than usual this week. I was not as well prepared, leaving a couple of pertinent coupons at home, but I still did great. I bought:
2 AirWick I-motion Starter Kits
2 Kotex U
2 Crest Toothpastes
2 Crest Mouth Rinse
Total out of pocket was 2.94, including 1.98 tax.
I used 21.00 in ECB's and received 23.98 in ECB's.
Total for the trip was 4¢ profit.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bi-Lo Bargains

I made a quick trip to Bi-Lo for just a few things. I bought :

4 boxes of Snuggle
4 boxes of cereal
4 Banquet Dinners
1 Ragu Pizza Sauce
1 SH Pizza Sauce
4 dozen eggs (not pictured)
2 cans Hominy (not on sale, no coupon, hubby's request)
Total spent was 14.19. Total without hominy was 11.81.
Total value was 45.40.
Total saved was 31.21. Total coupons used was 19.25.


Thia is a list of the things that I got for free this week through the use of coupons. It does not include the things that I got for free playing the various drugstore games.
4 boxes 80ct Snuggle Dryer Sheets (on sale for 2.99, had coupons for $3 off)
1 Southern Homes Pizza Sauce (Bi-Lo coupon for buy theirs, try ours)
KC Masterpiece Barbeque Sauce (coupon free with purchase of charcoal)
2 Sobe LifeWater (on sale BOGO and had coupons BOGO)
1 Stayfree (regular priced @ 3.79, had store coupon for $4 $ Mf coupon for $1)
By Mail:
1 can Iams Cat Food (sample)
1 pk of 2 Cascade Dishwasher balls (sample)
1 small bar Lever soap (sample)

Total value based on stores' sale prices around $25.
It was a pretty good week.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


We all know that Preacid, a great reliever of heartburn, is now available without a prescription. Even so, when compared to traditional acid relievers it can be quite pricey. This is how you can get a 42ct box for just 99¢ at Rite Aid. I have not compared the price at others retailers and I am sure that at a discount store such as Wal-Mart, the price is lower, but you can bet it won't be this low. If you are not signed up for Rite Aid's Wellness Program, you have to do so. This program just started and now you have to present this card to take advantage of any of their sale prices. Once you receive your card, register it online and you will receive a bunch of coupons, including a $5 off $25 purchase. These have also been available on the back of their flyers for the last couple of weeks, and can usually be found on some of the coupon printing sites. You also need to be signed up for Rite Aid's Video Values Program. On the Video Values site their is a store coupon for $10 off of 42ct Preacid. Watch the video and print the coupon. If you have some extra time, you could watch enough to qualify for your bonus coupon of $5 off $20 purchase. You will also need the $10 off coupon from the 4/11 SmartSource. This is how it breaks down:
Prevacid 42ct @ 25.99 plus tax
minus 5.00 off $25 purchase
minus 10.00 Video Values coupon
minus 10.00 Mfg coupon =
99¢ plus tax!