Saturday, January 31, 2015


It's been a long time since I've printed coupons from the Right-At-Home site. Whether they simply did not issue any, or I missed them, I'm not sure. I did have to re-register in order to print the latest ones, but it only took about 10 seconds and was well worth it. Go HERE to register and print your coupons for:

$2.00 off any Windex product
$2.00 off 2 Ziploc brand products
$2.00 off Glade product, excludes solids and 8 oz aerosol

You do have to share the coupon in order to get these values. If you choose not to share, you can still print coupons for $1.00 off each.

If you also have the Publix coupon for .75 off Windex, you can get a super deal at Publix right now. Windex products are 25% off, which would make the trigger spray bottle free. This coupon was in the "Start The Year Out With Big Savings" Booklet and expires on 2/12.

I printed all three coupons. I'm sure there are deals for Glade and Ziploc right around the corner.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


If you're like me, you may be holding on to a couple of those Oreos coupons that we printed a couple of weeks ago, just waiting for a good sale. Well, here it is. Bi-Lo is having a 3-day sale, and their Oreos are just $2.48 each. Now, I'm not gonna say that this is the best price I've seen on Oreos, but it is the best price I've seen in the last six months or so. Pair the sale with our .50 coupon, and we will pay just $1.48 per pack. This sale runs 1/18-1/20.


Saturday, January 17, 2015


Did you guys know that Dollar General now has digital coupons, in addition to their printable ones? Simply go to their site, create an account, and load your coupons. Not only do they occasionally offer Dollar General coupons, but manufacturers' coupons can be loaded to your account, as well.  When you are ready to use your coupons, all you have to do is enter your phone number on their keypad, and your eligible coupons will be applied to your purchase.

Another good thing at Dollar General is that they DO allow overage. Of course, this overage can only be applied to your other purchases. They can not give you any money back.

Go HERE to read their complete coupon policy.


Monday, January 12, 2015


There is an awesome new coupon on this morning for Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Go HERE to print your coupon for .50 off one 8 oz. bar. This coupon is very rare and doesn't pop up very often. If you are a Publix shopper you will be able to use this with their upcoming sale, when it will be on sale for $1.50. With the coupon, you will be able to buy it for just .50, if your store doubles.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Did you know that you can print coupons from your Ipad or IPhone? If you want to print directly, you must have an Air Print capable printer. An inexpensive one is the Epson XP-400. I have one and am very pleased with it when I want to print an extra set of coupons. With most coupon sites, you have to email them to your home computer, but if you've already printed them, you can't print them again. However, with, you can actually get a second set. You can even change zip codes to search for coupons in that are specific to another area. To do this, simply change your zip code in the settings section within the coupon app. Here are the steps.

1. Download the coupons.con app to your Ipad or IPhone.        
2. Set it up for the area that you want.
3. Search for and clip coupons.
4. Click on view coupons.
5. Click on print to print, or email to email them to yourself.
6. The device should find your capable printer.
7. Click on it to print your coupons.

I also have a Brother laser printer, which I use for most coupons. One thing to note about printing on a color printer from Even if your printer is set to print in grayscale or black & white, the site overrides this and prints the coupons in color. One reason I like this particular Epson printer is that the color cartridges are separate and you only have to replace the color that is empty.