Saturday, April 30, 2011


I only made it to one grocery store this week and did not buy very much. My stockpile is still pretty good, so I did not need much. This is what I bought.

2 4lb bags Dixie Crystals Sugar (1.98)
2 Lawry Marinades (98¢)
1 Comstock Pie Filling (1.09)
2 French's Mustard (68¢)
4 Pie Crusts ((2.16)
4 Philadelphia Cream Cheese) (60¢)
1 Minute Maid OJ (1.89)
1 Gallon Milk (3.38)

I had originally purchased a blueberry pie filling also, then realized that it wasn't on sale so I returned it. I was refunded 4.44, instead of 4.99, because I had used a coupon for 55¢ off 2, which had doubled. I also had a $1 coupon for the OJ, but realized it had expired when I got to the register. I did still use a store coupon for it and a $2 OYNO coupon.

My total before sales and coupons (without the blueberry pie filling) was 44.62.
The total that I paid (after refund) was 11.86.
I saved 32.76 or 73%.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Right now CVS is offering free gift cards when you buy an e-gift card. For every $25 worth of e-Gift Cards purchased, you will receive a $5 e-Gift Card completely FREE!  Keep in mind that you will receive one e-Gift Card based on your total purchase (e-Gift Card purchase total is limited to $150 per single transaction).I purchased a card for $100 and received an e-gift card for $20 free. There's nothing I like better than free money! Go HERE to purchase your egift card now. You will be emailed the cards within a few minutes, for you to print out. These cards may be used in-store or online. This offer DOES NOT apply to gift cards purchased in the store.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Jose Ole is offering a $2 off coupon if you like them on Facebook. Just go HERE to like them and then print your coupon.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I had a great trip to CVS this week. I love to buy the air freshener starter kits and try to get them anytime there is a good deal on them. This is what I bought.

2 Lysol Neutra Air Starter Kits @ $6
Used two $4 printables
2 Air Wick Starter Kits @ $6
Used two $4 printables
Received $10 ECB wyb $20
1 Magic Bubbles @ 1.99
Received 1.99 ECB
1 Russel Stover Egg @ 74¢
Received 74¢ ECB
1 Biore Strips @ 7.50
Used $2 coupon printable (no longer available)
1 Biore Towellettes @ 7.50
Used Free wyb strips from SS 3/08
Received $5 ECB wyb $15

I also used $16 in ECB's.
I paid a total of 23¢ before tax and received 18.73 in ECB's,
including $1 for using my Green Bag Tag. That means that I made 69¢ on this transaction, even after tax.
The total value of what I bought was 86.26.


My Publix trip this week was really great! I was able to get the Kibbles & Bits dog food that I was holding a raincheck for, which was a good thing since my coupons were about to expire.
This is what I bought.

10 bags Kibbles & Bits (10/4.95)
3 Jello Mousse Temptations (3/1.90)
10 Whiskas Cat Food Trays (FREE)
2 Starkist Tuna Pouches (2/38¢)
4 cans Carnation Milk (4/1.96)
2 Heinz 16 oz. vinegar (FREE)
2 Fruit2day (2/1.00)
2 Wishbone Salad Dressing (2/61¢)
1 Gallon Milk (3.59)
1 Nabisco Snackwell's Cookies (60¢)

My total before any sales or coupons was 93.06.
The total that I paid was 16.38 plus tax.
I saved 76.68 or 82%.

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Today only, get Free Value Curly Fries at Arby's®. First, "Like" their Facebook page. Then click "Get Coupon" and bring it to an Arby's near you. This coupons is while supplies last. Call your local Arby's to make certain they are participating in this promotion.


If you like Starkist on Facebook, you can print another 50¢ coupon good on any tuna pouch. These are often priced around $1, so if your store doubles, it could make for some really cheap tuna. Make ceertain you click on the "Seafood Fridays" tab on the left of the page to print your coupon.

Update: There appears to be something wrong with the Facebook link, so here is the direct link. I don't know if it will work for you if you don't already "like" Starkist.


Food Lion has just released a great new printable coupon for $3 off any $6 produce purchase. This can also be used as a competitor's coupon at many stores, including Publix. Go HERE to print yours now. The coupon expires on 4/19.

Thanks Hip2save

Thursday, April 14, 2011


If you are a member of Kraft First Taste, you may have a new offer waiting for you. Go HERE to sign in or sign up. Then, if you are a current member, check your offers. I just received an offer for a free Kraft Grated Cheese with a Touch Of Philaphelphia. In the last couple of months I have received free Kraft Cooking Creme and free Jello Mousse Temptations.


I am often asked about copying coupons. While most people know it is illegal, there are still those who do not. There are also those who think that if 2 printed coupons have the same bar code, then one of them is copied. This is not necessarily true. This post is to point out the differences.  "Like" coupons always have the same bar code. It would be virtually impossible for insert coupons to have different bar codes, and the same is true for printed ones.

If you look closely at the dotted outline, you will see coupon value, expiration date, date and time it was printed, and maybe even an offer number embedded in the there. On most of these, the time is very significant. If a coupon is photocopied, the time will be exactly the same. If it is not, in most cases, the time will be different, even if it's just a few seconds. Some of this info is also embedded below the expiration date.

Most coupons have a dot matrix code in the upper right section. The serial numbers on legitimately printed coupons are normally different.

Smartsource coupons normally have an offer number printed on them and a pin number. The pin number will be different on 2 legitimately printed coupons.

Make certain that you are aware of the differences on your duplicate coupons, so that you can nicely point them out to your cashier if you ever have a problem with this. Cashiers are trained to be careful, and many are afraid of losing their jobs.

Remember, always be considerate, and if you can not resolve your issue with the cashier, ask for a member of management or go to Customer Service after you finish your checkout.

Remember, most coupon & manufacturer's website allow you to print 2 coupons per computer. This is totally legitimate. It is illegal to photocopy coupons, and if you do so, you will be guilty of coupon fraud.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Are you looking for a special gift for that sports fan? Now you can create and print a free ESPN poster of that special person from the comfort of your own home. When I did this, I was able to save the up-close preview to my computer, in hopes of having it printed by an online service. This whole process took about 2 minutes. Go HERE to try it yourself. you will also have the opportunity to order posters from the site.


If you are not a member of Sam's Club, but have been wondering just what kind of deals they offer, now is the time to find out for free. This weekend only,  April 15-April 17, from 11a.m. til 6 p.m., they are having an open house, and the public is invited to attend. You can shop with no upcharge. Since I started couponing, I have let my membership expire, but there are still a few things that I like to buy there, so I may stop in. Go HERE for more details.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I have read many comments on various blogs saying that you guys can not find the Walgreens Infant Care Booklet. I did find it so I thought I'd do this post. I confirmed while I was shopping today that you really don't need the coupon, just the promo code. So below is a list of the codes. Feel free to copy & paste it to a word document. That way you can print it and put it in your binders for future use. These coupons do not expire until 12/31/11.

$2 off any Enfamil Infant Formula 22.2 oz or larger
0 0000005516 1
$2 off Similac  Advance or Sensitive 23.2 oz          
0 0000005517 8
$2 off any two Playtex Infants Products                  
0 0000005518 5
$2 off any Huggies Diapers Big Pack or Wipes 184 or 216 ct                                         
0 0000005519 2
$2 off Children's or Infant's Advil Suspension 0.5 oz or 4 oz                                                  
0 0000005520 8
$2 off Pampers Cruisers, Swaddlers, or Swaddlers Sensitive (Big or Jumbo packs)             
0 0000005521 5
$2 off Triple Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash
0 0000005522 2
$2 off "W" Brand Diapers Jumbo Pack
0 0000002844 8

These are all store coupons, so they can be stacked with Manufacturer's coupons.


There is an awesome deal on All Free & Clear Detergent at Bi-Lo right now, but you have to hurry, because the sale ends Tuesday, April 12. It is on BOGO sale right now, making it 2.75 each. At least, that's how much it was in my store. There is also a coupon in this week's Red Plum insert for $1.50 off one, making it just 1.25 for the 28-32 load bottles. Great deal!


If you are a member of Ebates, you can buy All You magazine for as little as 69¢ per issue after cash back. All You is packed with coupons every month, and this is the best deal that I have seen on it. If you are not a member of Ebates go HERE to sign up. You will automatically receive $5 for signing up. Once you have signed up, search for, then for All You. You will see that the price for a two-year subscription is $34. You will then receive 51% back in your ebates account. This makes your final price just 16.67 for 24 issues. has many magazines for under $10. If you are planning on subscribing or renewing a subscription, now is the time.

Ebates is offering 51% cash back at for today only.

Friday, April 8, 2011


I made a really quick trip to Bi-Lo this week for just a few things. I used very few coupons. This is what I bought.

3 Chex Mix (1.04)
1 SH Pretzel Twists (Free)
4 lbs Ground Chuck (10.23)
4pk Bell Peppers (3.00)
1.45 lbs White Grapes (1.87)

My total before savings and coupons was 34.61.
The total that I paid was 15.87.
I saved 18.74 or 54%.
This is smaller than my normal savings, but the biggest part of my order was meat and produce.

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SAVED 69% (82%) @ PUBLIX

I had a really great, yet unusual, trip to Publix this week. I actually considered not going this week, but I was hoping to get the Kibbles & Bits Dog Food that I have a raincheck for. Unfortunately, they were still out. This is what I bought.

1 20 pk Coke (6.49)
1 Nabisco Snack Sack (Free wyb Coke)
8 Whiskas Trays (Free)
2 Starkist Tuna Pouches (38¢)
4 Snickers Easter Eggs (Free + 1.00 overage)
2 CG Eye Shadow (Free + overage:will explain below)
2 Chef Boyardee Pasta ($1)
1 French's Spicy Brown Mustard (Free)
4 Publix Reusable Bags (1.98)(not pictured)

I had intended to only get 1 Publix bag. There was a coupon in Publix's yellow flier for a free bag wyb 2 participating products. In this case, I bought 2 Cover Girl products. However, when I got to the register, my cashier told me that she had a coupon for a free bag wyb 3. So I got 4 and paid for 2. But then, as I was going over my receipt, I realized that I had been charged 3.69 for the eye shadow, but the shelf marker said 2.99. I went to the service desk for a refund of 1.40. Instead I was given back 4.37 (plus tax). When I questioned this, I was reminded of their policy. If an items rings up incorrectly, you get the first one free.
So, this how it breaks down:

Total before sales and coupons was 33.37 plus tax.
The total that I paid was 10.23 plus tax.
I saved 23.14 or 69%.
After the refund of 4.38 my final payment was 5.85, which was less than the price of the Coke.

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Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of reality shows. I have never watched Survivor or Amazing Race or any of the many shows of this nature. I would also like to point out that this show was done as entertainment and is not realistic. This is NOT how the normal couponer shops. While most of us have a stockpile, and many of us have a large amount of a few items, the amount of excess food that these people bought is just appalling. I believe that they were told to plan the most extreme trip that they could, and that is what they did. If not, no one would watch.

The stores that most of us shop have very strict rules when it comes to discounts, and I do not believe that any of them would allow me to call friends to come help me check out in order to get more discounts. I also do not believe any store that I shop would allow me to do 18 smaller transactions to take advantage of their already generous discounts. Nor would they order 1100 boxes of cereal for me because they are giving me $1 off as a store discount for every box that I purchase. It's just not good business sense.

Another thing that is not addressed on the show is how much money these people spend for coupons. Most of them have to purchase coupons from a clipping service in order to buy like this, and even though the price is minimal per coupon, this does add up. A $5 coupon could cost as much as 50¢ or more, plus shipping fees. I would never pay for coupons to buy something that I'm probably not going to use. Who needs 35 large bottles of Maalox? I also feel it is totally wrong to buy over 60 bottles of mustard and just leave one bottle on the shelf for the store's many other customers. That is just not being considerate of others. And who needs this much mustard. My family uses 3 or 4 bottles a year. That much would last me 15 years or more.

And what about the expense of their storage? Most of them either purchased or built shelving and other items for storing their stockpiles. One of them even talked about the fact that their stockpile is insured. That, in my opinion, is ridiculous!

Now, while it may be fun to save 90%-99% on your grocery order, this is not the average. I have done that, but I bought little or no meat or produce. I only bought the items that were free or almost free with my coupons. If I needed meat or produce, I still had to go to another store for them, and I guarantee the savings were 50% or less.

So, in a nutshell:
This show was mostly fiction. While these shopping trips were done, and these savings were received, policies were broken and coupons were used fraudulently in order to make the show more interesting. It does not depict the kind of couponer that I want to be.


I had a really great trip to Rite Aid today. I did 3 separate transactions, trying not to have any +Up Rewards left over, but it did not work out that way. I accidentally picked up the wrong Scunci Bands at first and had to have them refunded. Since I had already caused so much inconvenience, I just finished my purchases in that transaction. This is what I bought.

3 Bags Recee's PB Eggs @ 2.44
3 Bags Recee's Easter Miniatures @ 2.44
Used 2 $1/3 Hershey’s/Reese’s coupons from the 4/3 SS
Used $1 off 2 Hershey's Miniatures VV coupon
Received three $1 +Up
2 Hershey's Snapsy Bunnies @ 1.99
Received 10% discount on these (minus 40¢)
Used the $1/2 Hershey’s coupon from 4/3 SS 
3 Cadbury Creme Eggs @ 88¢
Received 10% discount on these (minus 27¢)
Used $1 off 2 Cadbury Eggs VV coupon
Received $10 +Up for buying $20 Easter Candy
1 Gillette Fusion Razor @ 9.99
Used $4 coupon from 3/20 RP
Received $5 +Up
2 Scunci Hair Bands 18ct @ 1.99
Received two 1.99 +Up
2 Old Spice Fresh Collection Body Sprays
Used BOGO coupon from package
Received $2 +Up
2 Tena Pads @ 9.99
Used two 2.50 coupons printable
1 Zyrtec 30ct @ 18.99 (Not pictured)
Used $5 coupon from 3/13 SS
Used $4 RA coupon from email
Received $2 +Up
1 Mucinex @ 11.99 (Not pictured)
Used $1 coupon from 1/16 SS
Received $1 +Up
Received $5 +Up for spending $25 allergy

I used my $20 Gift Of Savings that I received during December and a $1 +Up that I already had.
I rolled most of my +Ups and spent a total of 15.93 out of pocket.
I have 10.98 in +Up Rewards left and will receive 19.98 SCR's for the Tena.
So basically, I'd say that I turned my Gift of Savings into cash. 
The total retail value was 116.47 and I made a total of 14.03, less tax, after +Ups and SCR's.
Have I told you lately that I love Rite Aid?


As was the last 2 Fridays, Starkist is, once again, offering a 50¢ off coupon for any pouch product. Go HERE to like them and print your coupons. Make certain to look under the Seafood Friday tab. These coupons make the regular pouch almost free.