Friday, April 8, 2011


I had a really great trip to Rite Aid today. I did 3 separate transactions, trying not to have any +Up Rewards left over, but it did not work out that way. I accidentally picked up the wrong Scunci Bands at first and had to have them refunded. Since I had already caused so much inconvenience, I just finished my purchases in that transaction. This is what I bought.

3 Bags Recee's PB Eggs @ 2.44
3 Bags Recee's Easter Miniatures @ 2.44
Used 2 $1/3 Hershey’s/Reese’s coupons from the 4/3 SS
Used $1 off 2 Hershey's Miniatures VV coupon
Received three $1 +Up
2 Hershey's Snapsy Bunnies @ 1.99
Received 10% discount on these (minus 40¢)
Used the $1/2 Hershey’s coupon from 4/3 SS 
3 Cadbury Creme Eggs @ 88¢
Received 10% discount on these (minus 27¢)
Used $1 off 2 Cadbury Eggs VV coupon
Received $10 +Up for buying $20 Easter Candy
1 Gillette Fusion Razor @ 9.99
Used $4 coupon from 3/20 RP
Received $5 +Up
2 Scunci Hair Bands 18ct @ 1.99
Received two 1.99 +Up
2 Old Spice Fresh Collection Body Sprays
Used BOGO coupon from package
Received $2 +Up
2 Tena Pads @ 9.99
Used two 2.50 coupons printable
1 Zyrtec 30ct @ 18.99 (Not pictured)
Used $5 coupon from 3/13 SS
Used $4 RA coupon from email
Received $2 +Up
1 Mucinex @ 11.99 (Not pictured)
Used $1 coupon from 1/16 SS
Received $1 +Up
Received $5 +Up for spending $25 allergy

I used my $20 Gift Of Savings that I received during December and a $1 +Up that I already had.
I rolled most of my +Ups and spent a total of 15.93 out of pocket.
I have 10.98 in +Up Rewards left and will receive 19.98 SCR's for the Tena.
So basically, I'd say that I turned my Gift of Savings into cash. 
The total retail value was 116.47 and I made a total of 14.03, less tax, after +Ups and SCR's.
Have I told you lately that I love Rite Aid?

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