Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SAVED 96% (89%) @ PUBLIX

I had a really amazing trip to Publix this week, though it was partly because of a mistake on their part. As usual, there wasn't much that I needed, but the deals that I got were great. Here is what I bought:

1 pint blueberries (FREE)
1 pint blackberries (FREE)
12 Trays Whiskas (FREE)
4 Betty Crocker Potatoes (4/1.46)
2 Alexia Frozen Snacks (2/1.58)
1 Post Grain Cereal (30¢)
2 Tena Pads (19¢)
2 Sundown Vitamins (FREE + 1.49 overage)
2 Mt. Olive Pickles (2/79¢)
2 Large bags Chex Mix (2/1.65)
1 Publix Sour Cream (1.29)

The total Publix value of everything that I purchased was 63.56.
The total that I paid after sales and coupons was 6.95 plus tax.
I saved 56.61 or 89%.
However, as I was reviewing my receipt I noticed that one of the Sundown vitamins had rung up at 4.69 when the shelf tag had said 3.52. I took it to the service desk to be reimbursed the 1.17 difference. They checked the shelf and found that I was correct, although the tag should have been removed. Instead of refunding me the 1.17, they refunded me 4.69, the full purchase price, as is their policy. I explained that I would be satisfied with just the 1.17 difference, but she said no. This brought my total spent to 2.26 plus tax. It made my savings 61.30 or 96%. 37.94 of this was coupons!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Update: This post was edited because the Dove deal was not working as posted.

This is a very good week at CVS. I have worked out a scenario below where you can get the most for your money. I am assuming that you are starting with no ECBs. Remember, you always have to spend a little on the first transaction if you have no ECBs.

Transaction #1
1 RepHresh Brilliant pH Tampons, 18 ct., $6.79
--Use  $1 off printable.
Pay 5.79 plus tax.
---Receive 6.79 ECBs

Tranaction #2
1 John Frieda Shampoo @ $5
1 John Frieda Conditioner @ $5
1 Mennen Speed Stick @ 1.99
--Use (2) $2 off John Frieda product, SS 6/05
--Use $6.79 ECBs from Transaction #1
Pay 1.20 plus tax
--Receive $3, $1 ECBs

Total sale price value: $18.78 plus tax
Total spent: $6.99 plus tax
ECBs remaining: $4
Net cost: $2.99 plus tax


I decided to do a post containing a list of all of the grocery items I bought this week, regardless of where I bought them or how much they cost. I always include these in my budget spreadsheet but don't always post it here.  I shopped Publix, Ingles, Bi-Lo, Wal Mart, and a local convenience store. This is what I bought this week. Please forgive the fact that the numbers do not line up. The formatting on this site leaves a lot to be desired.

10 lbs Potatoes                                  4.57
3 Cans Hominy                                   2.25
5 lbs Flour                                         2.18
Banner Sausage                                 1.28
4 Duncan Hines Cake Mixes                  3.42
2 Duncan Hines Brownies                         0
2 Oscar Mayer Bologna                        .88
4 Whiskas Cat Food Trays                    0
1 Bag Maxwell House Coffee           1.99
3 Old El Paso Dinner Kits                2.59
1 Simply Potatoes Hashbrowns        1.29
1 4C Instant Tea 20 Qts clearance      .85
1 Snuckers Ice Cream Topping          .34¢
3 Limes                                        1.00
2 dozen eggs                                 1.98
1 Jello Mouse Temptations                     0
1 Galon Milk                                      3.38
2 DC 4lb Sugar                                  1.98
1 CV Paper Towels                                0
1 Carolina Pride Sausage                     .74
1 Fast Fixins Chicken Patties              2.49
3.13 lbs Ground Chuck                       7.73
1.16 lbs Red Grapes                        1.15
1 CV Apple Juice                            1.38
1 SH Hamburger Buns                       .98
1 SH Loaf Bread                              1.45
1 Cabbage                                         .82
6+ lbs bananas                                1.49
1 Dukes Mayo                                 2.50
4 lbs Bar S Hot Dogs                      1.56
3 Tomatoes                                     2.10
1 Loaf Bread (other)                       1.30

The total value of everything that I bought was 123.12 and the total that I spent was 51.85. I saved a total of 71.27 or 58% this week. This includes a total of 72¢ overages, 10¢ bag credit at Bi-Lo, and a $3 total purchase coupon at Bi-Lo. This is a little over my weekly budget of $45, but the past 6 weeks I have been below budget, so that's okay. It simply happens sometimes.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I had a really good trip to CVS this week. I was thrilled to find that they now carry the Glade Sense & Spray in the Hawaiian Breeze variety, which is one of my favorites. Yay! This is what I bought in 3 combined transactions.

2 Glade Relaxing Moments Spray
2 Glade Sense & Spray
3 Gain Dish Soap
4 Fuze Drinks
1 Powerade
1 Power Bar Energy Bites
1 Bag Bliss Chocolates

The total CVS value was 52.08.
The total that I paid out-of-pocket was 1.82.
I used 20.98 in ECBs and received 21.48 in ECBs.
That means that this trip cost me 1.32 plus tax. Great trip!


I did not save as much at Bi-Lo this week, but that is uaually the case when I buy milk, bread, and meat. I still did quite well. This is what I bought.

2 dozen eggs (2/1.98)
1 Jello Mouse Temptations (FREE)
1 Galon Milk (3.38)
2 DC 4lb Sugar (2/1.98)
1 CV Paper Towels (FREE + 31¢)
1 Carolina Pride Sausage (74¢)
1 Fast Fixins Chicken Patties (2.49)
3.13 lbs Ground Chuck (7.73)
1.16 lbs Red Grapes (1.15)
1 CV Apple Juice (1.38)

I also received 10¢ bag credit and used a $3 total purchase coupon.
My total before sales nd coupons was 47.33.
The total that  paid was 19.93.
I saved 27.40 or 58%.


I didn't need very much from Publix this week, but I managed to get some good deals and saved about 73% overall. This is what I bought.

4 Duncan Hines Cake Mixes (3.42)
2 Duncan Hines Brownies (FREE)
2 Oscar Mayer Bologna (2/88¢)
4 Whiskas Cat Food Trays (FREE)
1 Bag Maxwell House Coffee (1.99)
3 Old El Paso Dinner Kits (3/2.59)
1 Simply Potatoes Hashbrowns (1.29)
1 Bayer Advanced (FREE = 41¢ overage)
1 4C Instant Tea 20 Qts on clearance (85¢)
1 Snuckers Ice Cream Topping (34¢)
3 Limes ($1)

My total before sales and oupons was 45.28.
The total that I paid was 12.45.
I saved 32.83 or 73%.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Right now the Kraft company and Publix are offering a $50 Stocking Spree coupon book just for the asking. Go HERE to request your book now. Then, once you request the book, share it with 3 friends, and you will be sent a $2 off Publix produce coupon in your email. I was able to print 2 of these coupons, which are good through July 15.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Beginning at noon est today, Nestle will give away a coupon for a free cone to the first 100,000 people who like them on Facebook. Go HERE to request yours.