Monday, February 28, 2011


This is a list of all the things that I got for free last week through the use of coupons or online requests. It does not include things that I got by playing the various drugstore games. I did have to pay tax on some of it.

12 Whiskas Cat Food Trays
2 Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes
7 Packs Skittles
2 Purex Laundry Detergent
3 Gain Dish Soap
P&G Coupon Booklet ($110).
2 Pks Always Panti Liners

Total retail value was about $30. Not bad for free.


I really did not have time to prepare for a Rite Aid trip before my weekly Monday shopping trip, but I did want to use my Snackerz Coupons which were expiring today. I had also worked out an amazing deal for a Swffer Wetjet, which I have been wanting to buy. This is what I did.

1 Swiffer Wetjet @ 19.99
1 12pk Refills @ 6.49
9 Snackerz @ 4.50

I used these coupons:
(4) $1 off 2 Snackerz
$5 off Swiffer P&G 2/27
Free refills wyb starter kit P&G 2/27
$4 off $20 purchase VV (for watching beauty videos)
$3 off $15 purchase received in email
I was able to use both of these because one started with "48" and the other "49". Neither of them beeped and the clerk said it was okay.
$8 +Up Rewards

The reason that I bought the odd pack of Snackerz was that I knew my total was going to be 7.99 and I was planning to use (4) $2 +Ups. Unless my subtotal was at least $8, I would not have been able to use them all.
I paid 49¢ plus tax and received a $2 +Up.
So I actually paid 5.99 for the Swiffer & Refills after +Ups used and received. Can't beat that deal!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I went to Dollar General today armed with my 50% coupon. There were a few things that I needed and figured now was a good time to get them. I bought

Mop = $6.50
2 2pks Utility Towels = $4
2 4pks Dish Cloths = $5
1 Pizza Pan = $3
1 9 inch cake pan = $3
1 Cookie Sheet + $3
1 9X13 Cake Pan with cover = $3
1 4pk Beverage Tumblers = $3
1 6pk Mesh Scrubbers = $1
4 Van Camps Pork & Beans = $2.40

I also used a $1 coupon for the pork & beans.
Much to my surprise, when the 50% coupon applied, it reduced the taxable total, meaning that the tax was applied after the coupon came off.
The total before the coupons was $33.90.
I paid $17.15 plus tax. Good deal!
The 50% off coupon is still available and is good through tomorrow. It is good for purchases in kitchen, housewares, home decor, rugs, bed pillows, and sheets.

$4 off $20 @ SAN JOSE

While looking for discounts at local restaurants, I came upon this pleasant surprise. Go HERE to print a $4 off coupon to San Jose Mexican Restaurant at the following locations:
Newberry, SC
Columbia, SC:
-498 Piney Grove Road
-4170 Augusta Road
-801 Sparkleberry Lane
-5400 Forest Drive (Poncho's)
Orangeburg, SC

Coupon valid with $20 purchase, not including drinks.


I just got a reminder email from concerning their 80% off sale. Right now you can buy a $10 gift certificate for just $1 or a $25 certificate for $2. So go HERE to find a restaurant near you. Use the code DINE at checkout to receive the discount. This deal expires on February 28, 2011.


I had a really good trip to CVS this week. I really love John Freida Root Awakening Shampoo & Conditioner, so I could not pass up this deal. I bought

John Freida Shampoo
John Freida Conditioner
1 Colgate Toothpasts
1 Purex 3-in-1 sheets
2 Cadbury eggs
1 Recees Peanut Butter Egg

I had an expired ECB which my cashier pushed through, but it actually made my subtotal a negative 77¢. After deducting the ECBs that I earned, I paid a total of 3.08 plus tax. That's more than my normal out-of-pocket, but not bad for JF Root Awakening, that's not bad. I saved 89%.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I had a short and sweet trip to Walgreen's this week. They were out of a couple of things on my list, but I got some great deals. I did not spend any RR's and I did not earn any. I bought

2 Purex Laundry Detergent BOGO @ 5.99
Used 2 $3 off Q's RP 2/20
3 Gain Dish Soap @ 99¢ w/in-ad q
Used 3 $1 Q's from P&G Coupon Booklet
7 Skittles Fizzld Fruit Candy @ 22¢ on clearance
Used 3 50¢ off 2 Printables

The total before sales and coupons was 23.28.
The total I paid 54¢, which was the tax!

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I had the most awesome Publix trip this week that I have had in a long time. Last week, due to other obligations, I did not have time to do all of my shopping, so I had more to spend this week. I was not sure about how I would be allowed to use the Italian Days store coupons, but in retrospect I realize that I could have saved even more. Also, I clipped 2 Bertolli coupons just before I went into the store, and then forgot to present them, which would have saved me another $1.20. However, I am totally satisfied with the deals that I got. I had a very hard time finding room to put it on my grocery shelves, but that won't be a problem for long, because most of what I bought are things that I use regularly. As you can see from my pic, I made quite a haul. Hopefully, I can remember all the details. I bought

4 Totinos Pizzas ($3.50)
2 New York Brand Breads ($2)
4 Sargento Shredded Cheese ($2)

1 Wanchai Ferry (2.50)
1 Motts Apple Juice (1.67)
1 Reynold's Slow Cooker Liners (99¢)
15 Chef Boyardee Cans (5.50)
8 Cans Hunts Tomatoes (2.26)
6 Hunts Tomato Sauces (1.98)
8 Progresso Soups (5.16)
1 Mt. Olive Pickles (35¢)
2 Betty Crocker Brownies (FREE + 2¢)
4 Cans Carnation Milk (1.96)
3 Wishbone Dressings (92¢)
1 Nutter Butter Creme Patties (1.25)
4 Nesquick Milk ($1)
12 Whiskas Cat Food Trays (FREE)
1 Goodlife Recipe Dry Cat Food (75¢)
2 Progresso Chicken Broth (2.59)
1 Bakery Hoagie Rolls (69¢)
4 Green Giant Can Green Beans (1.58)
4 Bertolli Sauce (4.08) Would have been 1.88 if I had remembered q's.
1 Maybelline Eye Pencil (49¢)

I am not including the coupons that I used because this sale will end today.
My total before sales and coupons was  164.98.
The total I paid was 37.97.
I saved 126.26 or 77%.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dollar General has just released the most amazing coupon ever. Go HERE to print your coupon for 50% off your entire purchase of home decor, houseware items, kitchen items, bed pillows, sheets and rugs. So if there is anything you have been needing, or wanting, now is the time to buy. With DG's already low prices, this coupon could make for some great deals! I'm hoping storage items are included. The coupon expires Sunday, February 27.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Walgreen's is beginning their "7 Days Of Deals" today. Today only, you can purchase two 5 X 7 photos for just $2. Choose to pick them up in-store and you will not have to pay shipping.


Ebates is offering double cash back today for all purchases made from This means that you will get 27% back. Just go HERE and type in "4inkjets" to bring up the site. If you are not yet a member of Ebates, you will also receive $5 for signing up. Checks are awarded quarterly. I recently received a check for $19.99 for buying stuff online that I was going to buy anyway. Using Ebates is simply a way to save a little bit extra. is a site that sells reduced price ink and toner cartridges. The toner that my laser jet printer uses is 46.99 at Staples, but just 34.99 there. By going through Ebates today, I can buy it for 25.54. after cash back. Good deal! 4Inkjets charges 4.95 for shipping for any order under $50. Orders over $50 ship free, but if you also use coupon code 4INKEBATES, you will receive an additional 10% off. This code is only good for orders over $50.


A great new coupon just popped up on Red Plum. Go HERE to print your BOGO Free Whiskas Cat Food Tray. I always use these at Publix, because they are 50¢ each there. When the cashier enters the coupon, it doubles, making 2 free trays.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Like Clinique on Facebook and enter to win one of 100,000 mini mascaras they are giving away. At the point, the odds of winning are about 1 in 3, so that's pretty good. Come back and let me know if you win.


With all the Hunts items on sale this week, I felt like I should post a reminder about the current ConAgra offer. Buy $15 worth of ConAgra products and receive $35 in coupons. The form was in the newstand version of January's All You magazine. Conagra Products include:
Crunch n Munch
Swiss Miss
Snack Pack
Kid Cuisine
Reddi Whip
Marie Calander's
Peter Pan
Chef Boyardee
Orville Redenbacher
Egg Beaters

 I have sent an inquiry to the company asking for a pdf version of the form. If I receive it, I will update this post.


There is a new P&G Organize In Style booklet available with over $35 in coupons. Just go HERE to enter your info and request yours today.


There are a few new Publix coupons showing up on Red Plum today. These can usually be stacked with a manufacturer's coupon. Pair both with a sale and you've got a pretty good deal.

Publix coupons:
$2.00 off 5 Chef Boyardee (On sale for $1)
    35¢ off 3 Mfg coupon from SS 01/02
     B4G0 from January All You (Wal Mart version)
Buy 6, Use 2 35/2 & 1 $2 off 5 & 1 B$G! = 26¢ each
$1 off 2 Orville Redenbacher Popcorn (Save for sale)   
    $1 off 6pk or larger Dec or Jan All You

    $1 off any (in-store dispenser)
    $1 off 2 (SS 1/23, Bi-Lo New Year Booklet)
    55¢ off 1 (in-store dispenser)
$1 off 3 Manwich (Save for sale) 

The coupons that I printed expire on 3/13.
There are also lots of Target coupons which can be used if your store accepts Target as a competitor. Print them quick because they probably won't last long.


Friday, February 18, 2011


I only made it to one grocery store this week and spent very little. That is one thing that I love about couponing! I can actually skip shopping for a week or two and only have to run out for milk and bread. This week, I made several "expensive without sales & coupons" items for a bake sale, and the only thing that I had to buy was one pie crust. I made 2 batches of cookies, oreo truffles, 4 pies, brownies, and 2 applesauce cakes. It was great to be able to contribute so much without spending much of anything! Anyway, my one trip was to Publix. This is what I bought.

2 Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese/raincheck (59¢)
2 Emerald Trail Mix (1.50)
2 Dixie Crystal Sugar (1.98)
2 BC Cookie Mixes (1.07)
3 Adolph's Marinade Mix (3.72)
1 Chips Ahoy (90¢)
16 Whiskas (0)
2 Sominex (0 + 2.62)
1 Spaghettio's (95¢) I thought these were less. I would not have bought them.

The total before sales and coupons was 44.14.
The total that I spent was 8.63 plus tax.
I saved 35.51 or 80%.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Update: I just checked this link using a different computer and it said that the offer has expired .

Go HERE to print your coupon for $5 off any Avery Greeting Card product. I printed and used this coupon yesterday at Wal Mart, where the regular price of the 25-pk was 6.88. Hopefully the coupon is still active to print. I wanted to actually use it before I posted about it, to see if Wal Mart would accept it. I had no problems, as you can see from this post. The package I bought was a little different this pic. It also includes 25 envelopes.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I went to Wal Mart today with some high-dollar coupons that I wanted to use. I was a little disappointed because they did not have several of the items that I wanted, but I did get some good deals. I only took a picture of the items that I had a coupon for, except for the baby outfit, which was on clearance. This is what I bought.

1 Baby outfit @ 3.50
2 12ct Tucks Pad @ 68¢ after $5/2 coupon
2 Minute Maid OJ @ 2.58 after BOGO coupon
1 Philadelphia Cooking Cream @ 98¢ after 1.50 coupon
1 Avery Greeting Cards paper @ 1.88 after $5 coupon

The total of these items before sale and coupons was 27.20.
The total I paid was 9.62, including the outfit.
I saved 17.58 or 65%. Not bad!


There is an awesome new coupon printing on Facebook right now from Pillsbury. Just go HERE to print your coupons for $3 off Pillsbury Sweet Moments when you buy 3 Pillsbury refrigerated products. This would be a great coupon to pair with the sale on Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, Grands, or Cinnamon Rolls that Ingles is having starting tomorrow. There are also 50¢ off 2 Crescent Rolls on right now and several coupons in the GM insert that was in the newspaper on 1/2. This could make for a really great deal. I do not know the cost of the Sweet Moments at Ingles, but at Publix I think they are about 3.19. Print your coupons quick, as I am sure that they won't last long.

Friday, February 11, 2011


My trip to Bi-Lo this week was the only grocery shopping trip I made. I got some really great deals, with a couple of freebies. This is what I bought.

1 Orville Redenbacher Popcorn (15¢)
2 Chi Chi's Tortilla Shells (FREE)
2 8ct Moon Pies (1.68)
2 SH Ranch Dressing Mix (1.14)
1 SH Spaghetti Rings (FREE)
2 Hefty One-Zip Freezer Bags (2.58)
2 Turkey Hill Lemonade half gallons (1.00)
1 Kraft Sliced Cheese (90¢)
2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese (30¢)
1 Gallon Milk (3.29)
1 half gallon Chocolate Milk (FREE)
2 Oscar Meyer Bun Length Wieners (1.08)

My total before sales and coupons was 47.09.
The total I paid was 13.36.
I saved 34.28 or 73%.


This is something I just have to share. I recently contacted the Lawry's company through their website. The purpose of my contact was two-fold.  First, I complimented them on their Marinade-In-Minutes Mix, as it is my favorite. I buy it regularly, even though it is never on sale, there are never coupons for it, and it is only sold in my area at Publix. Before I started shopping Publix regularly, I would buy 8-10 packages anytime I was near one. Secondly, I expressed my disappointment that there are never promos or coupons for this product.

Well, when I went to my mailbox today, I found a letter from the company. They thanked me for contacting them and sent me three 75¢ off coupons for any of their products. Hopefully, I will be able to use these on my next Publix trip to stock up on the mix my family loves!

If you have never tried this product, I highly recommend it. It will make a cheaper cut of meat taste great! I buy the steak sauce flavor, and usually don't need to put sauce on my steak.

So, if there is something that you would love to have a coupon for, try contacting the company. You never know what you may get.

Monday, February 7, 2011


P & G is offering a free coupon booklet with over $110 worth of coupons to those who like them on Facebook. Go HERE to like them and then click on the special offer tab. Fill out the info and wait 5-10 days for your book to arrive. There are a limited number available, so request yours now!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Beginning at 6 pm tonight, Planters will be offering free samples of their Flavor Grove Almonds through their Facebook page. Just go HERE to like Mr Peanut, and at 6 pm tonight go back to request your sample bag. Only 25000 bags will be available.


I just received this awesome deal from Right now you can purchase up to 4 years of Readers Digest for just 2.99 per year. This subscription is regularly 24.99 per year! This offer is good for today only. However, Tanga prices tend to increase as the day goes by, so if you are interested in this offer, ORDER NOW. Make certain you enter the coupon code DIGEST. Go through EBATES and you may get an additional 2.5% back. I ordered 2 years for just 5.98.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I didn't buy much at Bi-Lo this week, but what I did buy offered good savings. I bought:
1 gallon Pet Milk (2.98)
2 Green Giant veggies (0)
2 Breakstone Sour Cream (30¢)
1 SH Spaghetti Rings (0)
1 pack chicken breasts, 6 breasts (6.56)
1 Borden Sliced cheese ($1)

My total before sales and coupons was 28.61.
I spent 10.79.
I saved 17.87 or 62%.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


If you have been wanting to try Sketchers, but did not want to spend so much money, Take a stroll through the clearance department at They are offering many styles at 75% off right now. I was able to purchase the 2 pair pictured for less than $40, including shipping. They are offering flat-rate shipping at 2.95. But you have to hurry, because the more popular sizes and styles are going fast. You can also go through Ebates to get 2.5% back.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I had another really amazing trip to Publix this week. I was able to use 2 of the rainchecks that I got last week  I also had several coupons that were expiring, so I was glad to be able to use them. This is what I bought.

10 Whiskas Trays (1.00)
Used B2G1 printable no longer available
Used 2 B1G1 from RP 01/23 or printable.
2 Kotex (Free + 14¢ overage
Used 2 $2 Publix Q's from green flyer
Used $2/2  SS 01/16
1 Poise Liners (19¢)
Used $3 Publix Q from Start your year out booklet
1 Gorton's Flounder Fillets (2.75)
Used $1 Q SS 01/16
3 Juicy Juice 8pks (49¢)
Used 3 50¢ q's Print
Used 1 $1/2 Food Lion Print
2 Tasteful Selections Potatoes (Free + 2¢ overage)
Used 2 $2 Q's Printed but no longer available
2 Chex mix (1.39)
Used 50¢/2 SS 01/02
1 French's Yellow Mustard (Free + 12¢)
Used 50¢/1 Print
2 Glad Force Flex Tall Kitchen Bags (1.98)
Used 2 $3 Printable Q's no longer available.
2 Vivarin Tablets (Free + 2.62 overage)
Used 2 $2 Q's Print
Used $5/2 Publix Q from green flyer
1 Fresh Express Salad Mix (99¢)
Used 50¢ Q Printed no longer available
2 New York Breadsticks (1.28)
Used 2 50¢ Q's Print
2 Minute Maid Orange Juice (3.19)
Used B1G1 Q Printed no longer available
Publix Loaf Bread (1.17)
2 Hefty Everyday 130ct Plates (4.99) (Raincheck)
1 Hall's Cough Drops (Free + 8¢) (Raincheck)
Used 50¢ Q Feb. All You

Total before savings and coupons was $91.08.
The total that I spent was 16.46 plus tax.
I saved $74.62 or 82%.

My Publix doubles coupons up to 50¢.
The overage that I received on some items helped to bring my total bill down.

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