Monday, February 28, 2011


I really did not have time to prepare for a Rite Aid trip before my weekly Monday shopping trip, but I did want to use my Snackerz Coupons which were expiring today. I had also worked out an amazing deal for a Swffer Wetjet, which I have been wanting to buy. This is what I did.

1 Swiffer Wetjet @ 19.99
1 12pk Refills @ 6.49
9 Snackerz @ 4.50

I used these coupons:
(4) $1 off 2 Snackerz
$5 off Swiffer P&G 2/27
Free refills wyb starter kit P&G 2/27
$4 off $20 purchase VV (for watching beauty videos)
$3 off $15 purchase received in email
I was able to use both of these because one started with "48" and the other "49". Neither of them beeped and the clerk said it was okay.
$8 +Up Rewards

The reason that I bought the odd pack of Snackerz was that I knew my total was going to be 7.99 and I was planning to use (4) $2 +Ups. Unless my subtotal was at least $8, I would not have been able to use them all.
I paid 49¢ plus tax and received a $2 +Up.
So I actually paid 5.99 for the Swiffer & Refills after +Ups used and received. Can't beat that deal!

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