Saturday, January 3, 2015


Did you know that you can print coupons from your Ipad or IPhone? If you want to print directly, you must have an Air Print capable printer. An inexpensive one is the Epson XP-400. I have one and am very pleased with it when I want to print an extra set of coupons. With most coupon sites, you have to email them to your home computer, but if you've already printed them, you can't print them again. However, with, you can actually get a second set. You can even change zip codes to search for coupons in that are specific to another area. To do this, simply change your zip code in the settings section within the coupon app. Here are the steps.

1. Download the coupons.con app to your Ipad or IPhone.        
2. Set it up for the area that you want.
3. Search for and clip coupons.
4. Click on view coupons.
5. Click on print to print, or email to email them to yourself.
6. The device should find your capable printer.
7. Click on it to print your coupons.

I also have a Brother laser printer, which I use for most coupons. One thing to note about printing on a color printer from Even if your printer is set to print in grayscale or black & white, the site overrides this and prints the coupons in color. One reason I like this particular Epson printer is that the color cartridges are separate and you only have to replace the color that is empty.


  1. Can you change the zip codes to different regions to view different coupons?

    1. Yes, and it's quite simple. When you open the app, at the bottom of the page you will see "settings." Tap on that and then on 'my location.' Simply turn off 'Device location,' and enter whatever zip code you want to use.