Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Do you have old ink cartridges lying around? I have been saving these things forever because a long time ago I heard that there was some sort of fundraiser associated with them and I just could not bring myself to throw them away. Well, never found out anything about the fundraiser but they have become a moneymaker for me. You can recycle up to 10 cartridges per month at Staples and they will give you $3 in Staples rewards per cartridge. Staples Rewards are store credit that you get via mail. Some of them come monthly, others quarterly. But you have to sign up for the program HERE. While there, I also took advantage of a special offer they are having right now on Duracell Batteries. I bought 2 20-packs of Duracell AA Batteries at 12.99 each and will receive the whole purchase price of 25.98 back in Staples Rewards. I already bought 2 packs a couple of weeks ago, so I am looking forward to receiving 81.96 back in Staples Rewards in January. Since I have a Kodak Printer, and the price of the ink is about the same everywhere, as determined by Kodak, this is a great way for me to stock up on ink.

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