Friday, April 16, 2010


When I went to CVS, I was not sure what I was going to do because I had over $25 in ECB's that were about to expire. I always like to use them on things that will give me more ECB's.
Well, my plan was to buy two each of the Dove and Dial because they were the best ECB deals and I have 2 cards to use. But after my coupons, that would only add up to 11.48 after coupons, so I just had to play it by ear. Well, they also had Coke products 4 12pks for $13 with $3 ECBs, which was a good deal. So this is what I bought:

2 12pks Coke
2 12pks Sprite
2 Dove Hair Care
2 Dial Body Wash
4 CVS tissue (2 were free with coupon)
1 Glade plug-ins refill
1 Fruitopia Shampoo
1 Gold Emblem Chips
1 CVS wipes

Total value: 57.95
Total out-of-pocket: .50 plus tax
Total ECBs used: 30.97
ECBs earned: 20.98
Total cost: 10.49 plus tax.
Not bad!!