Sunday, October 23, 2011


I had a really amazing trip to Staples the other day. I don't go very often, so I am especially pleased that this trip turned out so well. However, it would not have, had it not been for my awesome cashier.

A) She told me that all I needed was the coupon code for the Avery coupon that I had left at home. I looked it up on my phone.
B) She had the code for $5/$25 purchase that I was unaware of.
C) She allowed me to do 2 transactions in order to use the $5/$25 twice.
D) She entered the codes in the order that I suggested in order to use both codes in one transaction and maximize savings. Here is what I bought:

1 pkg Avery labels (Shelf price 34.99)
      Rang up 25.99 - 13.00 (50% off Q) =12.99
2 pkgs Duracell @ 9.99 = 19.98
2 Portable speakers (Reg. price 25.00) on clearance 2.50 = 5.00
1 Journal @ 50¢
1 250ct Push Pins @ 50¢
1 19-sleeve expandable file @ $5.

I spent a total of 33.97 plus tax and will receive 19.98 in Rewards and $8 Easy Rebate. That means that this trip cost me 5.99 plus tax. The total value of what I bought was well over $100.

I did not use the Duracell coupons because I was afraid that it may reduce the amount of the rewards. I still have my coupons to use elsewhere.


  1. Great job! I am headed there tomorrow and hope I do as well as you. Do you get the emails from Staples? That's where the $5/$25 coupons come from. Just sign up and then you will get those to print out from now on.

  2. Thanks, Coupon Crocodile. Yes, I do get their emails, but I had forgotten about the $5/$25 coupon. I also recycled 10 ink cartridges. I hope that your trip went well.