Tuesday, November 17, 2015


If you are shopping Ingles today, you may want to print this .50 off 2 Green Giant Vegetables coupon. Ingles currently has the standard size can on sale for .60. Using this coupon, you can buy 2 cans for just .10 each. Make certain that you print 2 coupons, so that you can purchase 4 cans.

Now, Ingles has a 'quirky' coupon policy. They will only double 3 coupons for every $10 that you spend. So you may have to purchase a few more items to get you to that $10 mark. One suggestion would be to pick up 4 dozen large eggs, which are currently on sale for $1.25 each, with a limit of 4. Then just another sale item or 2 and you have reached your $10 mark, and gotten some awesome deals for your Thanksgiving dinner at the same time.

But you have to shop for these deals today, as today is the last day of the sale.

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