Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I had a good trip to Bi-Lo this week, though they were out of a couple of things on my list. Also, my cashier did not allow any overage, but I really can not complain about that. I do believe that this is up to the cashier, and I noticed her pushing a lot of buttons. I also realized after I got home that I was charged for 2 Pasta Noodles and only bought one, and I was charged for 1 SH dip mix and I actually bought 2. Also, my credit for the Pasta Noodles was only .80, and should have been .88. If I had caught all this while I was in the store, I would have stopped at CS on the way out and had them correct it. But since I was home before I caught it, and it only adds up to .38, I will disregard it. After all, I did get a few freebies this week due to Bi-Lo's doubling. This is what I bought. I have listed the prices as what I actually paid.

6 MW Cornbread Mix (0)
2 Combos (2/.95)
1 SH Pasta Noodles (.96; s/b 0)
2 SH Dip Mix (.57; s/b 1.15)
3 Tennessee Pride Sausage Gravy (0)
4 Dozen Eggs ( 4/4.40)
4 Lean Pockets (4/3.52)
1 Stayfree (Not pictured, .50)

I received .15 bag credit.

My total before sales and coupons was 37.94.
I paid 10.78.
I saved 26.56 or 70%. My savings would have been greater but I was out of eggs. I did have coupons, which is very unusual, but they were about to expire, and the price may not come down until after the holidays.

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