Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My trip to Bi-Lo this week was short but very, very, sweet. I only needed a few items. It would have been even better, but my Bi=Lo no longer allows overage. This is what I bought.

10 Martha White Cornbread Mixes (10/ FREE)
4 Cans Dole Mandarin Oranges (4/ 1.36)
3 Pillsbury Brownie Mixes (3/ .66)
1 SH Pasta & Sauce (FREE)

I got .05 bag credit.
My total before sales and coupons was 23.01.
The total I paid was 1.86.
I saved 21.15 0r 92%.

I have now used all of my Martha White coupons and doubt that I will have anymore. But I am stocked up on cornbread mix with enough to last until summertime, I think. And it was all free. This is my favorite kind and all you add is water. Can't beat that.

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