Tuesday, January 24, 2012


If you do your own taxes and have not gotten your program yet, I have an awesome deal for you. I have used the H & R Block Home Edition for many years, dating back to when it was known as Taxcut. Every year I get the disk in the mail, which I put in my computer and download the program. The last few years, the download has cost around $35, and did not include the state program, so I had to pay another $25 that.  Now, I know that each of these can be done for free online, but with the installed version, I could do other family members' taxes, and my files are on my computer, if I ever need another copy.

I ran across a truly awesome deal while at Office Depot yesterday, and just had to share. I was in the store to spend some Rewards that are expiring at the end of the month, when I noticed their tax prep display. Their H & R Block Home edition was regularly priced at 44.95, and included one state download. Well, already, this is less than I was going to spend. But, to make the deal even better, they had a $10 instant savings AND a mail-in rebate for a $15 Office Depot gift card. This brings the final cost down to 19.99. And, if you're like me. and have rewards to spend, it could be free! I didn't even have to pay tax.

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