Wednesday, August 1, 2012


As most of you probably know, I have not made many posts this year. It is my goal to change all that. I will soon be updating my coupon amount in my sidebar to reflect my correct coupon usage this year, as I have kept all receipts and am in the process of totaling them now. The numbers will not be as high as last year, but that does not mean that I have not been saving. It means that I have not been spending as much. Many weeks, I have spent less than $20 in the grocery stores, as compared to my average of $40 per week last year. I have lived largely from my stockpile the past few months. My pantry and freezers were full, and there is no point in spending when you have no where to store it. I also have not shopped the drug stores very much for the same reason. I simply have not needed to buy very much.

But now it's time to get things back on the right track here, and start passing on the deals. I am looking forward to that.

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