Thursday, April 25, 2013


I had a short, quick trip to Bi-Lo this week. I really didn't need anything but tea, but grabbed a couple of other things while I was there. It's funny, my family actually prefers the cheaper tea, so I picked up the Lipton for someone else. This is what I bought.

2 Clear Value Tea Bags @ 2/$1.96
2 Lipton Tea Bags @ 4¢ overage
1 Idahoan Potatoes @ FREE
4 Mahatma Rice @ 4/26¢
2 Birds Eye Frozen Veggies (not pictured) @ 58¢

The total value of what I bought before any sales or coupons was $17.55. The total that I paid was $2.76. I saved $14.79 or 84%.

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