Friday, April 19, 2013


I had a really awesome trip to Publix this week, especially thanks to a great BOGO Publix coupon that I found on Fanta, which were already on sale B2G1. 3 coupons entitled me to get six 12-packs for the price of one. I only had one problem, which was resolved quite easily. When I looked at my receipt, I realized that my two 2.50 off Alexia coupons had not been scanned. A trip to customer service took care of that, and I was refunded $5 in cash. Here is what I bought.

6 Fanta 12-packs
4 Knorr Pasta Sides
2 Kraft Fresh Take
20 Sheba Cat Food cans
4 Velveeta Casseroles
2 Welch's Fruit Snacks
2 Sunlight Dishwasher Gels 32ct
2 Sunlight Liquid
1 Alka Seltzer Cold
1 Alka Seltzer Sinus
2 Alexia Fries (not pictured)
2 Friskies Cat Food bags
1 Snausages Dog Treats

The total before any sales and coupons was $122.24 before tax. The amount that I paid was $15.66 before tax. I saved $106.58 or 87%.

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