Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Bi-Lo had another big BOGO sale this week. While I didn't need much, I could not pass up some of the great deals. Everything that you see in this picture cost me just 8.89. Total before sale prices and coupons was 93.96. Almost unbelievable!

Here is what I bought:
2 50 oz. All Detergent
2 Woolite Oxy Deep Carpet Cleaners
1 Sara Lee Bread
4 Boxes Orville Redenbacher Popcorn
3 1 lb boxes Mueller's Spaghetti
2 Bertolli Pasta Sauces
30 Iams can cat food
6 Wise Cheez doodles
1 Keebler Graham Cracker Crust
1 Southern Home Cracker Crust
1 Southern Home Tomato Paste
1 Helluva Good Dip
3 Pasta Roni
1 Frank's Hot Sauce
2 Hormel Chili
1 Box Hot Pockets
This is not all that I bought. I had to pick up a little produce and a couple of other things that I needed. In all, my total was 101.48 before sales and coupons and 16.08 after. Great Deals!


  1. I just love Bi-Lo! It is one of my favorite grocery stores! I am always amazed at the deals there, especially the Closeouts! That was an awesome shopping trip you had!

  2. What coupons did you use?

  3. These deals were from last week's BiLo ad. I shopped on Monday. Most of the items were BOGO. I used:
    $2 off All x 2 (RP 2/7)
    $1 off Woolite x 2 (SS 1/10)
    55¢ off Sara Lee (Don't remember the insert)
    50¢ off Orville Rdenbacher x 4 (Conagra website)
    55¢ off Muellers x 2 (from website, should have taken 3 to save another dollar)
    60¢ off Bertolli x 2 (RP 2/14)
    $3 off 10 Iams x 3 (PG 2/7)
    50¢ off Wise x 6 (Website)
    Free SH Pie Crust from wyb Keebler
    Free SH Tomato paste from for taking survey
    Free Helluva Dip (I think this was for becoming fan on Facebook)
    $1 off 3 Pasta Roni (RP 1/3)
    Free 5 oz Frank's Hot Sauce (Don't remembert which insert)
    55¢ off 2 Hormel Chili (SS 1/24)
    $1 off Hot Pockets (RP 1/31)