Monday, March 22, 2010


I had another amazing trip to Bi-Lo today. Again, i didn't need much. I got everything that you see in the photo for just $3.24 plus tax. I bought:

2 Mueller's Elbow Macaroni (free after coupons)
1 Mueller's Spaghetti (free after coupon)
8 Van Camps Pork & Beans (25¢ each after coupons)
1 Sara Lee Bread (39¢ after coupon)
1 Mentos Gum (25¢ after coupon)
1 SH Tomato Paste (free coupon from BiLo for taking survey)
1 SH Salt (paid full price of 49¢)
1 Cat's Pride Cat Litter (Received free coupon for requesting online. Got overage of 39¢)
1 Marcal Tissue (free after coupon)
1 Heluva Good Onion Dip (50¢ after coupon)
In addition to this I bought 2 boneless pork loins, not pictured. They were BOGO so I paid $16.81 for both. I had them sliced into chops for free and it was about 35 boneless pork chops. My total was $20.05 before tax.

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