Saturday, March 27, 2010


This is a list of the things I got for free this week through the use of coupons, games, & sample requests. While some of them may have come from drug stores, they were free after coupons, not ECB's, RR's, or SCR's.


Cat's Pride Cat Litter (coupon received after on-line request)
SH Tomato Paste (coupon from for taking survey)
3 1 lb. boxes Mueller's Pasta (Priced at $1, had 55¢ coupons which doubled to purchase price}
1 Mentos gum (on sale 75¢, had coupon 55¢ which doubled giving me 35¢ overage)
1 Small Steps facial Tissue (on sale for $1, had coupon for $!)

Total value of free items from Bi-Lo:
Using sale prices 11.49
Using full prices: 14.22

From Publix:
1 dozen eggs (had coupon BOGO from internet)
1 Digiorno SS Pizza (had coupon from Vocal Point)
1 Oreo Cakesters (had coupon from online request)
1 4-pk Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese minis )had coupon for online request)

By Mail
Pillsbury Calendar (after online request)
1 set Stainless Steel Tongs (playing Kikkoman Instant Win Game online)

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