Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 I read online that someone had found Duracell coupons in their Sunday paper in the sports section. I get the Charlotte Observer and decided to check it out before I tossed the papers. Well, there was nothing in the sports section, but I did find them on page A3. They are:

$4.75 off one Duracell Coppertop 16 pack + or one Duracell Ultra 12 pack + (Ex 9/30}
$2.50 off one Duracell Coppertop 8 pack + or one Duracell Ultra 6 pack + (Ex 9/30}

Both coupons exclude smaller packs.

Also, in the Parade Magazine I found

$6 off Zegerid 42 ct. (Ex 11/15)

If you still have your paper from this week, you should go through them page by page to see if you, too, have these coupons.

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