Saturday, March 14, 2015


This week turned into a big week to buy cheese. Not only did I buy string cheese at Publix, I bought shredded cheese and salsa con queso at Bi-Lo. It always makes me happy to stock up on cheese because it goes fast in my house.Of course, I did the Breakfast deal. I purchased 4 boxes of cereal for $10 and got a gallon of milk free. I then used a Publix coupon to get $2 off of orange juice, which, when paired with a manufacturer's coupon, made the juice free, too. So, after coupons I spent just $6 for 4 boxes of cereal, a gallon of milk, and a 59 oz bottle of Trop50 OJ. I also picked up a gallon of store brand juice for just $1.99 after sale and store coupon. I assume it had a coupon on it because the expiration date was just 5 days away.
The total value of my trip was $89.15.
The total that I spent was $29.11.
I saved $60.04 or 67%.
Bi-Lo is still offering the great breakfast deal, so you can still get a free gallon of milk with the purchase off 4 cereals. Unfortunately, the Publix coupon is expired, so you won't be able to get the juice for free.

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