Monday, October 10, 2016


I went shopping at Publix yesterday, expecting them to be out of the Kibbles & Bits, since it was such an amazing deal this week. A raincheck would have been fine, but their shelf was full. With the $3 coupons that were put out last week, this was an amazing deal. It was such a great deal, that I only paid .74 for everything in this picture, and that includes tax!  I normally post my pre-tax totals, because in most cases you still have to pay the same amount in tax. But, as you can see, my pre-tax total was a negative 0.14. If I had purchased this at regular price, I would have paid $46.70 plus tax. That means that I saved $46.84, which is 100% of the regular price, and then some!

The dog food was on BOGO at $4.89. With $3-off coupons, that created an overage of $1.11 for each 2 bags that I bought. That covered the tax and all but .74 of the rest of my bill. Of course, I had coupons for the JD Biscuits and the Klondike Bars, too.

If you printed those Kibbles & Bits coupons, now is the time to use them. This sale ends tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on your area.

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