Friday, July 15, 2011


I did not use very many coupons at Bi-Lo this week and I bought a few items that I had not planned to, just because I wanted them. I was way under budget, so I figured that was okay this week. I also did not need any meats, as I had stocked up in recent weeks. This is what I bought.

2 Pizza Crust Pouches (2.30)
1 Fritos Corn Chips (1.74)
3 Chef Boyardee Can Pasta (2.00)
1 Lance Creative Creations Crackers (1.00)
1 SH Pizza Sauce (1.19)
1 SH Jambalaya Mix (FREE)
1 SH Hamburger Buns (98¢)
2 Lucks Beans (97¢)
1 SH Snack Bags (FREE)
1 Blue Belle Ice cream (2.49)
I recived 15¢ bag credit for taking my own bags.
The total before sales and coupons was 27.13 plus tax.
The total that I paid was 12.00 plus tax.
I saved 15.13 or 56%.

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