Saturday, July 2, 2011


My Bi-Lo trip this week did not include as many coupons as usual. I bought mostly meats and got some great deals. This is what I bought.

1 loaf SH bread (1.45)
1 8pk SH Hamburger Buns (98¢)
3 Hamburger Helper (3/2.25)
4 Lbs Flounder (7.99)
1 Smithfield Marinated Tenderloin (3.99)
1 100ct Bag Shrimp (3.99)
1 Fast Fixins Chicken Nuggets (3.99)
1 Jambalaya Mix (FREE)
2 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce (2/14¢)
4 12oz Steaks (6.09)
1 lb. Carrots (88¢)

The steaks that I bought were actually a boneless roast that I had the butcher slice into steaks for me.
My total before sales and coupons was 62.54.
The total that I paid was 29.63.
I saved 43.41 or 69%. That not bad, considering the amount of meat/seafood that I got.

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