Friday, November 20, 2009


Wow! I went to Bi-Lo a few days ago and took advantage of their big BOGO sale. I bought $262.79 worth of groceries for $73.78. Of course, a huge part of the savings was BonusCard savings but $67 was coupons! I also have earned 15 fuelperks points this month. Look at this picture to see what I got. Country Crock Spread, free; Bertolli Pasta Sauce, 25¢; Dog treats, 11¢; BC Potatoes, free. Of course, there is so much there that it's hard to tell!


  1. Hi there. I had my first couponing shopping experience at Bilo this past saturday. Since this was my first time I just took a bunch of coupons that I had printed off and clipped, but I didnt really know what I was doing. At the store I pretty much went up and down every aisle looking for BOGO's and trying to match up my coupons. My total before savings was 272 and I paid 150, so i saved 127 dollars. I suppose this is good but I dont really know how, or on what products i saved money on. I guess i was hoping to have a bigger savings like you did. Do you have any suggestions? thank you- brittany

  2. Hi Brittany, Actually, you did quite well for a first, and I hope that you feel good about it. If your Bi-lo participates in the Fuelperks program, then you probably earned 15¢ or 20¢ discount on gas, which is great. There are a couple of sites that you can go to that will help you save even more. First of all, go to and register for MyBiLo. You can then print store coupons occasionally and print coupons for their "Buy Theirs, Get Ours" promos. Right now they are promoting garlic bread, whipped topping, vegetable juice and there are coupons for all of these products. You print the BTGO coupon from their site, but you have to gather the others elsewhere. You can also view all of their specials. I also do their survey after each shopping trip. After each one, they award me with a coupon for a free item. Yesterday it was a coupon for a free can of diced tomatoes.The other site is It is an awesome site which lists all of the grocery stores' sales and coupon match-ups. It's the couponer's best tool. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you visit regularly. I try and post 2 or 3 new freebies every day. You can also print your coupons there. Feel free to browse the site.