Thursday, November 19, 2009


Last week when I was on the Outback website trying to figure out why I did not get my Bloomin' Onion coupon and how I might could get it, I signed up to play Fantasy Football and chose a team. Since the games are only played on Wednesday and I know nothing about football, I just did not think any more about it. I then contacted Outback via email and received my coupon for my Bloomin Onion. Today I had a nice surprise in my email. Fantasy Football was yesterday, and, of course, my team did not win, but for signing up I had a coupon for another Bloomin Onion. Maybe they know how much I love them! So, if you missed the first offer, or just want to try for another one, go to their site and sign up for Fantasy Football. You could get a nice surprise next week! Also, while you're on their site, if you are planning to buy any Outback Gift Cards for the holidays, they are offering a free $20 Bonus card when you buy $100 worth of gift cards. That's a good deal fr anyone who goes there regularly. Buy $100 in gift cards for yourself and get another $20 card. That's a sweet deal!

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