Friday, September 3, 2010


My Bi-Lo shopping trip this week did not net as high a savings percentage as usual, but I still got some really great deals. Some of the things I bought were on sale but not BOGO. I bought:
1 BC Warm Delights (67¢)
6 Chef Boyardee (6/4.60)
6 Fruit Snacks (6/5.20)
10 Mueller Pasta (10/1.40)
2 Wise Cheez Doodles (2/3.25)
3 9 Lives 4pks (3/4.00)
2 Hershey's Milkshakes (2/70¢)
5 Michelina Dinners (4/4.00)
2 Del Monte Fruit Smoothies (2/49¢)
1 Ringo's Chicken Rings (2.14)

I received 20¢ bag credit.
Total before sales and savings was 70.94.
Total I paid was 27.41.
I saved 43.83 or 62%.
I also received a coupon for $3 off my next order.


  1. That's so awesome that you get bag credit!

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