Sunday, September 5, 2010


I made the mistake of going to Rite Aid on the last day of the sale. As expected, they were out of most of the really good deals. But I still managed to do okay with what I bought. My main "need" was the Coke products at 3/9.99, then $2 +Up Reward. This is not the greatest deal in the world, but good enough, considering I had a $1 Video Values coupon for Coke. This would bring the total to 6.99 for 3 12pks, which is a little below my "$2.50" target price. Wouldn't you know, I left the VV coupon at home? Oh well! Anyway, this is what I bought:
3 Coke 12pks
2 Colgate Toothpaste
1 Gain Dish Detergent
2 Zyrtec 3pks
1 Revlon Blush
1 Nivea Lip Care
2 Beef Jerky
1 pk straws
2 pks RA Bandages
The Zyrtec, Revlon, and beef jerky were all on clearance at 75% off.

Total before sales and coupons was 46.78
Total I paid was 17.78.
I started with $1 +Up and now have $4 +Up and I will receive 1.99 in SCR.
Total for trip was 12.79, which includes 3 12pks Coke products, so that's not bad.
I saved 33.99 or 73%.

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