Tuesday, September 7, 2010


If you go to CVS in the nest few days, chances are that the coupon machine will print you a coupon for $3 of $10 grocery purchase. In my store, the Wisk detergent that is on sale was considered groceries. So you could get 2 Wisk detergents and 2 Sobes (both on sale BOGO}, and have a really great deal. That is, if you have 2 of the $3 Wisk coupons that were in last week's Red Plum coupon inserts.

Here is the scenario:
2 Wisk Detergents @ 8.99
2 Sobe @ 1.59
1 Pack Triden Gum
Subtotal 11.57 plus tax
---(2) $3 Wisk Q's
---$3 CVS Q
---$1.59 Sobe Q from HERE (you have to play the Heads or Tails game.
You pay 98¢ plus tax.
You receive 99¢ ECB for Trident. This makes everything FREE!

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