Friday, September 3, 2010


A lot of people want to get startrd at CVS but don't know quite how to get started. This is a scenario that I have put together to help them. It is also a continuation of the last 2 weeks when I started these posts. For those who started CVS-ing then, this is week 3 and we have 7.50 in ECBs to start. We are just going to do one transaction this week.

Schick Hydro Razor @ 8.97
--Use $5 coupon
Stride gum @ .99
Total due 4.96
Pay with $5 ECB from last week.(Cashier will enter it as 4.96)
Receive 4.99 in ECBs ($4 Schick, .99 Stride)
Save for next week.
If you do not have the Schick coupon and do not want to spend $4 out of pocket for this razor, or if this is Week #1 for you:
Stride Gum @ .99
Energy Chews @ 1.99
Total Due: 2.98
Pay with 2.50 ECB from last week & .48 out of pocket. (2.98 if this is Week #1 for you.)
Receive 2.98 ECBs (.99 Stride, 1.99 Energy Chews)
***If this is week #1 for you, save your 2.98 ECBs for next week.

If you have been following my scenarios and this is Week #3 for you, you have now bought:
1 Gillette Fusion Razor
1 Crest Toothpaste
1 Blink Eye Drops
1 Philips Headphones
2 Campbells Tomato Soups
4 Oral B Toothbrushes
1 Glide Floss
1 Schick Hydro Razor
1 Stride Gum

You have spent a total of 6.94 out-of pocket & you now have 7.49 in ECBs, so you have made a profit of 55¢. Of course, you do have to pay the tax on the full amount.
If you followed the scenarios without coupons, you would have spent 27.92 and have 7.97 in ECBs, making your total 17.96, which is still not bad for all of this. You have "rolled" 27.48 in ECBs.

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