Thursday, September 9, 2010


I decided to shop Food Lion this week because they had an interesting offer going. For every 4 Home 360 products purchased, you received $1 off your next order, up to $10 off. Since I needed to buy cat food this week, this was perfect! I bought 40 cans, on sale for 35¢ each. I paid $14 plus tax and received a $10 coupon. I then purchased a 5.47 lb package of ground beef and a cantaloupe. This total was 10.78. I used the $10 coupon I had just received and paid just 78¢. YAY! This deal is in effect through Tuesday, but I think that the cat food is back to the regular price of 40¢.

Then seemed to be my week for good deals on meat. When I went to Bi-Lo, they had the whole boneless pork loins for 1.99 per lb. This is about the lowest we will see them. I bought two and had the butcher slice them into regular-sized chops for me. I ended up with 37 boneless pork chops. This will do us for a while. I also used my raincheck for the Powerade Play that was on sale last week.

I forgot to take a picture.

Total before sales and coupons was 41.30.
Total spent was 14.11
I saved 27.19 or 66%.


  1. That's a great way to shop Food Lion! Awesome!

  2. What a great deal at Food Lion. I love the way you shop.

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