Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I can not believe that I forgot to take a picture of my Publix trip this week. I set it all out on the table, scanned it, then put it away. Bummer! But here's what I bought.

3 Boxes Jimmy Dean Breakfast Biscuits 3/4.49
3 Boxes Quaker Instant Oatmeal (3/2.69)
2 Sara Lee Frozen Desserts (2/2.23)
3 GG Valley Fresh Steamers (3/59¢)
3 Dozen Eggland's Best Eggs (3/3.00)
2 Crunchmaster Crackers (2/99¢)
3 Yakisoba Noodles (3/0 + 1.20 overage)
1 Mt. Olive Pickles (40¢)
4 KC Masterpiece Bar-B-Q Sauce (4/70¢)
2 Edge Shave Gel (2/2.00)
16 Whiskas Cat Food Trays (16/0)
1 Ocean Spray Craisins (1.15)

My total before sales, coupons, and tax was 82.15.
I spent 17.04 plus tax.
I saved 65.11 or 79%.
There was a lady in line behind me who stated that I had made a "believer" out of her! YAY!

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