Thursday, September 9, 2010


If you have Charter Communications as your cable, phone, or internet provider, you should be signed up for Live It With Charter. This is a free program and Charter awards you points every month when you pay your bill. Then, periodically, they have redemption Days with featured items that you can spend your points on. I have been a member for several years, but had never paid it much attention. Then, a few months ago, I was browsing the site and realized that I was losing points. They expire after 2 years, so I started spending them. At that time I purchased a $10 gift certificate for 4000 points. Since then, I have "bought" a cooler, a $10 American Express gift card, and a $10 Wal Mart gift card. And I still have many points left. If you are not a member, go HERE to sign up. Redemption Days are going on right now through September 12. So, if you have points to redeem, you can do it now.

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