Friday, January 7, 2011


My trip to Bi-Lo this week was very short. Several of the items did not have coupons but were either needed or good deals without coupons. This is what I bought.

1 Bi-Lo bread (1.35)
1 Foam Plates (1.09)
1 Blue Bell Ice Cream (2.99)
4 Armour Vienna Sausage (4/1.56)
1 Idahoan Potato (FREE) (had catalina coupon)
1 SH Mashed Potatoes (FREE) (Buy Theirs, Get Ours)
1 SH Noodles & Sauce (FREE) (coupon for taking survey)
2 Luck's Pintos (2/.88)
1 Country Crock Honey Spread (19¢)
1 Armour's Meatballs (89¢)

My total before sales and coupons was 23.28.
I spent 8.26.
I saved 15.02 or 65%.

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