Sunday, January 9, 2011


This post was designed to help people who are new to CVS get started. This is a really great week to get started. But first, a little necessary information.

In order to get any special prices at CVS, you must have an ExtraCare card. You can get one in the store or HERE.
Once you get your card, register it online HERE

CVS offers special deals each week, which earn you ExtraBucks, more commonly known as ECBs or EBs,
ECBs are valid to use as money in the store, and are good for most store items.
ECBs expire after about a month.
ECBs can be used along with store or manufacturer's coupons.
ECBs can be earned in one transaction and then used in the next transaction, or saved for another time.
When you enter the store, you should scan your card at the scanner/coupon kiosk.
Coupons received from the kiosk are store coupons, and can be used along with a manufacturer's coupon on the same item.
ECBs are earned on the "before coupon" amount.

CVS also gives you 2% of your total, pre-tax, out-of-pocket spending each quarter. For avid couponers, this is not usually very much.

This week (1/9-1/16) CVS is offering a few great deals. If you are new to CVSing, it is a great time to get started. You can buy:
1 Snickers @ 89¢
1 King Size Recee's or Hershey's @ 1.59.
Your total due will be 2.48 (plus tax)
You will receive 2.48 in ECBs.

At this point, you can take your ECBs and go home, and wait for next weeks deals. Or you can pick up a few more of this week's deals.

If your family buys/drinks Pepsi products you could buy

6 12pks of Pepsi products @ $20
Use your 2.48 ECBs from Transaction #1
Total due will be 17.52 (plus tax)
You will receive $10 ECBs.
At this point, you can stop and save your $10 ECBs for next week. But if you have collected the last few weeks' coupons, you could do this transaction. Buy

2 Finish Powertabs @ $6
2 Air Wick Ultra Freshmatic starter kit @ $12
1 Lysol Neutra Air Spray @ $3
2 Ziploc Freezer Bags @ $5
Use these coupons:
(2) 2.25 off Finish  SS 1/2
(2) 4.00 Air Wick  SS 1/2 or PRINT or PRINT
(1) 1.00 Lysol  PRINT
(1) 1.25/2 Ziploc  SS 12/5
$10.00 ECB from transaction 2
Total due will be 1.25 (plus tax)
You will receive $11 ECBs  ($10, $1)

Total spent will be 20.98 plus tax.
You will have $11 ECBs to use next week.
So, basically, you have bought all of this for just 9.98.

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