Friday, January 28, 2011


My trip to Bi-Lo this week was a really good one.  I was really excited about the Yakisoba noodles on BOGO because I had 50¢ coupons that would create overage, if allowed. As it happened, the register did double them, which helped to lower my total bill. This is what I bought.

9 Yakisoba Noodles (0+4.50 overage)
3 Kikkoman Sauces (2.27)
2 Bestlife Buttery Spreads (0+1¢ overage)
1 Gallon Milk (3.19)
1/2 Gallon Chocolate Milk (0)
1 Nabisco Saltines ($1)
5 Mueller's Pasta (0)
2 Chi-Chi's Salsa Con Queso ($3)
1 Wise Chips (90¢)
1 Wise Cheez Doodles ($1)
2 Hormel Natural Choice Meats ($3)
1 Loaf Bread (1.35)
1 SH Spaghetti (0)
1 Dawn Dish Liquid (0)

I received 15¢ bag credit.
The total before sales and coupons was 60.70.
The total I paid was 12.53.
I saved 48.17 or 80%.

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  1. It would be really nice if in your savings list you could include the coupons used and where you got them so the savings could be passed one. Sure would appreciate it!
    Thanks. I enjoy your post and commend you on your savings.

  2. Hi Tara
    Thanks for your comment and for stopping by my site. The main reason that I usually do not list the coupons is that I shop on Mondays. By the time I get it posted, the sale is over or almost over. Then by the time I link up to other sites, it is definitely over. If there is anything in particular that you would like to know about this post, just let me know.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for such a speedy reply. I fully under-
    stand what you are saying and I apologize. I didn't know that you shopped so close to the end. I do that too, between Bi-Lo, Food Lion and Publix. I try to get Kroger and the drug-
    stores out of the way first. That way I have a little more leeway to find my coups for the other sales. Thanks again and keep up the good work. I haven't realized the savings that you have yet. I did score at JCPenney for some 57 cent items (some of which went 9.99) for a savings of $90.54.
    Whew!!! I save well at Kohl's too, but not so good at the others.
    Thanks again,