Saturday, January 15, 2011


Well, I dug out of the snow in time to get to Rite Aid before my +Up rewards expired! Yay! I would certainly hate to lose $18 in rewards. Anyway, I had a really great trip. I am never disappointed with my Rite Aid adventures. While they are sometimes out of the really good deals, it is never something that I really need. I did 2 transactions, planning to use the $10 reward for the Aveeno deal to help pay for the 2nd transaction. Well, when I did my first transaction, The $10 reward did not print. Since my cashier thought that she was going to have to get help from someone to try and correct it, I went on with my 2nd transaction, and paid cash. This is what I bought.

4 Stayfree @ 2.50
used 2 BOGO Q's & (1) $1 off Q. Cashier credited $3 each for BOGO's
4 Special K @4.79 BOGO
used 2 BOGO Q's  Cashier credited 4.49 each.
2 Axeeno Baby Wash @ 5.69
used (2) $1 q's & (2) $1 in-ad q's. Received 10% discount (5.12 ea)
1 each Aveeno Shampoo & Conditioner @ 5.99
used (2) 1.50 q's
1 Aveeno Face Scrub @ 7.99
used $2 Q & $1 in-ad Q  Received 10% discount (7.19)
2 Zicam Cold Sore Swabs @ 3.25 (on clearance from 12.99)
used (2) $2 Q's
1 Blink Eye Drops @ 7.99
1 Breathe Right Strips @ 3.99
Used $2 Video Values Q  
1 Gain Dish Detergent @ 89¢
Used $1 Q     

I also used my $4 off $20 purchase Video Values Q.

The total before any sales and coupons was 113.42.
I started with $18 +Up rewards and also used (1) $1 +Up reward  that I got today.
I paid 12.74 plus tax out of pocket, for a total of 16.60.
I have $22 in +Up rewards
I will receive 7.99 SCR for the Blink.
So after the rebate my total will be 1.75 plus tax. That's a savings of 98%.

As it turned out, the reason that I did not get the $10 +Up reward on the Aveeno was that I got a 10% discount on a couple of items, which brought the amount below the $25 required purchase.  I had to have it refunded and then I re-purchased it, along with one more item. But it all worked out.

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