Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have been keeping track of everything that I spent at the grocery stores this year. At least, I did until mid-November. Well, I just finished catching up my receipts on my spreadsheet and I am very pleased with my savings. I'm sure I have missed a couple of small receipts, or quick trips for milk, produce, or bread. But I did try to update each week that I did this. I also did buy some grocery items at the drugs stores, but at the same time, my grocery store spending includes quite a bit of household items and toiletries, so I'm sure it all evens out. Here are my totals:

Total Value (per stores' non-sale prices) was $6664.00.
The total I spent was $2328.00.
I saved a total of $4366.00 or 66%.
$2033.00 of this was with coupons.

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