Tuesday, October 20, 2009


All posts made by me are believed to be legitimate offers. I will not post it if I have not checked it out and believe it to be totally legit. When I post a freebie, it is only after I have looked at it and believe it to be real. In most cases, I have already participated in the offer. However, if I wait to make certain I receive it before I post it for you, the offer will probably have expired. Also, sometimes offers are rescinded before they start. I recently removed the Chick-Fil-A Calendar offer because I learned that it was not gonna be available.
Also many store chains have different prices in different areas. If I post a price for an item at a particular store, that is because I have checked it out at the store in my area, and do not guarantee that it will be the same where you shop.
If you find that an offer is not what it appears to be, please let me know via email or in the comments section of the post so that I can correct it.
I make no price guarantees and accept no responsibility if an offer expires or is removed. This blog is done in fun and in an effort to help others save money.

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