Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Once again Schwann's is offering free food to new customers. They did this back in August and I took advantage of it then, so I can not do it now. This is truly a free offer with no strings attached. Go HERE to order your $10 worth of free food. It will be delivered right to your door. I ordered the hamburger patties, but you can order whatever you want from their large catalog. No credit card information is requested. When I ordered mine, after checkout. it said that I had a balance of 03¢. Then when it was delivered, the driver told me that I owed $1. I paid it. Later when I mentioned this to someone else who had received this offer, he said that his also showed that balance. He called customer service and they took it off. His driver did not request anything. I kinda think my driver just wanted a tip!? But I still had 8 premium hamburger patties for just $1. But you have to hurry. This offer ends Saturday.

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