Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Did you know that every week Rite Aid offers many items for "free"? This week is no exception. They are offering a lot of cold remedies and such on their Single Check Rebate plan. But you need to hurry if you want to take advantage of October's offers, as they will end on October 22. Go HERE to read more and see all of this week's offerings. The only draw back to Rite Aid's system is that you have to pay for it first and then wait a few weeks for your rebate. The best thing about it is that the rebate can be spent on anything you want, anywhere you want, as it is a check that you take to your bank. Although some people say they have had a problem with this. If your bank won't accept it, you can always take it to Rite Aid to buy the current deals. But before you go, go HERE to watch a few videos to earn a coupon for $4 off of a $20 purchase. While you're watching those videos you will also earn in-store coupons, which can be used to save money when you buy these item in their store. These coupons can also be used along with manufacturers' coupons to save even more.

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