Saturday, October 17, 2009


This is the best magazine ever if you enjoy couponing. Every issue is loaded with usable coupons. The latest issue had $91 dollars worth in it. Lots of times the use of just one coupon will pay for the magazine. For instance, before I went grocery shopping the other day, I stopped in WalMart to pick up the magazine. I bought 2 of them. I was planning to buy the Hormel Chili Masters Chili that BiLo had on B1G1F making them 1.60 ea. All You had a coupon for $2 off one, which I clipped before I went in the grocery store. BiLo then gave me full credit for the coupons, which means I gained .40 per jar. There is also a coupon for $2 off a Hormel Compleats microwave meal, which makes this free at some stores. There is one small catch. The only way to get this treasure is to Subscribe to it or buy it at Wal-Mart. No other store sells it. Cover price is 2.49, which they discount to 2.24 plus tax. This magazine is well worth the money. A couple of months ago it had a coupon for a free bag of "Jack Links Nuggets", not the small bag. This coupon had a value of 7.67. I have subscribed but it has not started yet. If you subscribe now at Amazon for 19.95 for a year, you will get a $5 certificate to be used on your next Amazon purchase. 14.95 a year is about the best you're gonna do on this magazine, unless you decide to subscribe for 2 years for $34, in which case Amazon will reward you with a $10 certificate to be used later. That makes it $12 a year. That makes it $1 an issue, which is a really great deal for all this mag has to offer. In addition to coupons it is loaded with recipes, household tips, beauty tips, and much, much, more. I highly recommend this magazine if you like couponing.

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