Monday, October 26, 2009


ALL YOU Magazine is the absolute best magazine to subscribe to if you enjoy couponing. Each issue is packed with loads of coupons, many making the item free or close to it. If any of you recently received a fundraising package in the mail asking you to subscribe to a magazine in order to help the band, or some other school group, you are in luck! According to the package I just received, you can buy a 2-year subscription for just $20. That is just 83¢ an issue.It makes me wish that I had not already subscribed. ALL YOU's cover price is $2.49, but is sold only at Wal-Mart for $2.24. 24 issues would be $53.76 plus tax, if bought separately. If you would like to help the group that is raising funds, but really don't know what to order, why not order something that could pay for itself the first month? This is a win/win situation. You can help the school group and yourself at the same time. I know that the local band is conducting this fundraiser, as is my nephew's school in the midlands' area. I am sure that there are others, so watch your mail for it.

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