Friday, October 30, 2009


There are a few items that you can get for under 50¢ at Bi-Lo this week if you have the coupon inserts from the last few weeks. They are:

Mentos Gum

Sells for $1.35

55¢ off (SS 10/11) doubles to $1.10

Makes it 25¢

Chef Michael's Dog Food 1.5 lb. bag(this is for small dogs)

Sells for $3

$3 off (SS 10/11) or PRINT

Makes it FREE

Marcal Small Steps Facial Tissue

Sells for 84¢ (B1G1F @ $1.69)

$1 off (SS 10/18)

Makes it FREE with possible 16¢ overage

X-14 Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Sells for 66¢ (B1G1F @ $1.32

$1 off (SS 9/27)

Makes it FREE with possible 34¢ overage

So you could actually go into Bi-Lo, buy these four items, and, if you get the overages, have a total due of about 2¢. I would advise that you buy something else that you need because you are more likely to get the overage this way. If you don't get the overages, you would only owe about 50¢, depending on tax!!

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