Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Are you signed up for ShopText? This is a company that distributes samples from major companies after receiving requests via text messaging. You must have a cell phone with a text message plan in order to participate. I have been signed up for about 10 months and I have never received an unsolicited text, so I feel this is safe. There have never been any charges to my cell phone bill either. I can not remember for sure how many samples I have requested by text, but I do remember that the best one was a Gillette Fusion Razor. These sell for $7-$10 each. Today they are offering a free Mary Kay Mascara along with a sample of moisturizer. Go HERE to register for ShopText, and once you are registered, text MARYKAY to 467467 and reply with an age between 13 and 24. This offer comes from Seventeen Magazine.

Disclaimer: I do not know which mascara they are giving away. It may not be the one pictured.

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