Thursday, October 7, 2010


This deal starts tomorrow at Rite Aid. You can receive one 8 X 10 or two 5 X 7 prints for free. You will pick it up in the store and pay no shipping. Just go HERE and then follow these steps.
Choose "Days-Four Day In Store Service"
Under Prints either log in or register.
Upload your photo.
Click "Today-Get It Now"
Click Today-Prints
Select your size prints.
Add it to you cart.
Enter your info and choose your store.

Once you have completed your order, print this coupon, and take it to the store between 10/8 and 10/10 to pick up your print for free.

There are also 2 more coupons. With one of them you can get 10 4X6 prints with in-store pick-up for 99¢. The other is for $10 off any digital camera at $30.00 or more. These 2 coupons expire on 10/18.

Update: It took me about 2 minutes to upload a photo from my computer and complete the ordering process. Now I just wait for my pic to be ready to pick up.

Update #2 If you plan to take advantage of the free 8 X 10, you will need to take your pic into the store and have it printed there. If you order it online, you will not receive it before your coupon expires.

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