Sunday, August 22, 2010


I was in the neighborhood of a Kroger yesterday, so I decided to stop in to check out their mega event. Kroger was giving you $4 off instantly for every 8 participating items that you bought. There were hundreds of items to choose from, including Chex Mix, which is one of my family's favorite snacks. Being the last day of the sale, I really did not expect to find much of what I had on my list. I was pleasantly surprised. I bought:
6 Chex Mix (37¢)
2 Bugles (37¢)
3 Hamburger Helper (64¢)
3 Nature Valley Granola Bars (7¢)
6 Sobe Water (7¢)
3 Sunny Delight (45¢)
2 GM Cereal (98¢ & 43¢)

Total before sales and coupons would have been 56.72..

I used 19.52 in coupons and received 12.00 off my order instantly. I saved 15.06 from store sales bringing my total savings to 46.58. I also received a coupon for 1.50 off my next order. I spent 10.14 minus the 1.50 oyno for a total of 8.64 and a total savings of 48.08. That is a savings of 85%.
The numbers in the ( ) are what I paid per item after all discounts. I.m wishing now that I had bought more Nature Valley.

There were actually several cold items that I wanted to buy, but it was going to be several hours before I could get home to put them up, so I just had to be happy with the deals I got.

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