Sunday, August 1, 2010


I love Rite Aid! I only shopped there one time in July. During that trip I spent 27.21 out-of-pocket. I started with $3 +Up rewards and ended with $2 +Up rewards. Unfortunately, these expired while I was on vacation. I will receive 40.28 in SCR's, which more than makes up for that.
Total spent: 27.21
Expired +UP rewards 2.00
SCR's: 40.28 =
11.09 profit

During July I also received my $20 certificate for the Zyrtec rewards program and the $25 gift card for the Allergy rewards SCR offer. I spent around $36 in total out-of-pocket for 4 packs of Zyrtec between March and July and received $45 back from Rite Aid. I take this almost every day, so these programs really come in handy. During that time I also spent about $15 on skin care prooducts and I am waiting for $30 more in gift cards for those purchases. Have I said lately that I love Rite Aid!!?

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